Setting up the developer environment for C#

Installing the prerequisites

  1. Install Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition or better. Visual Studio Install

  2. Install Ruby and Rake. Ruby Install

  3. Obtain Devexpress License and Install

    • DevExpress WinForms Controls and Libraries is used in the graphical user interface of the suite. You will need to obtain a license in order to work with the user interface.

    • DevExpress only provides trials on their current product offering, so you may have to acquire the license prior to downloading an older version if that's required to build the suite.

    • Obtain your license from DevExpress DevExpress Order. Then get the installer for the version mentioned above that's required DevExpress Install

  4. Install nuget.exe and ensure that it is in your PATH variable NuGet Install

  5. Add OSPSuite.Core as a nuget source using the following command

  nuget sources add -name ospsuite-core -source

Building and Running

  1. Clone the repository locally (either from the open-systems-pharmacology organization or from your own fork)

  2. For PK-Sim and MoBi, run the postclean.bat command

    There are several requirements to running the software that are not automatically performed when building with Visual Studio. An automated postclean batch file is used to take care of these tasks.

  3. Compile Source

  4. Run Tests

  5. Run the Application

Useful Tips

  1. The suite is using appveyor as a CI server which also provides a nuget feed that should be registered on your system. This will prevent you from having to enter AppVeyor password with each new instance of Visual Studio. This option is only available for developers with access to the appveyor feed. If you wish to be granted access to the feed, please let us know by posting a request in the forum.

nuget sources add -Name AppVeyor -source -User <USER_NAME> -Password <MY_PASSWORD>

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